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Welcome to my neighborhood

Note added 3.19.2001: Due to technical difficulties, this site has been off the web for almost three months. However, the difficulties are now overcome and my site is now back on the web. I apologize to all those who looked for my pages over the last few months, and I look forward to adding more pages for everybody to enjoy over the coming months and years. Thank you for your visit, and please remember to send me an e-mail if you enjoy taking my virtual tours! -- Stuart Brorson

I live in Washington Heights -- upper Manhattan -- in an Art Deco building at the end of Fort Washington Avenue. My immediate neighborhood is traditionally called Fort Tryon, after the park which lies at its upper end. Fort Tryon was developed largely at the end of the 1930s. Prior to that time, the area was the site of large estates owned by wealthy people. When the estate owners left or died, real estate developers bought the land and built large, well appointed luxury apartment buildings on the sites of the former estates. Many of the buildings were built in the then prevelant Art Deco style, thereby creating a certain stylistic uniformity which harmonizes the area. Many of these apartment buildings are now co-ops. Recently, real estate agents have taken to calling the area "Hudson Heights" on the theory that "rebranding" the neighborhood with a posh sounding name will help drive up co-op prices.

With or without the renaming, I think that my neighborhood is one of Manhattan's finest and most interesting places to live. The area is quiet, safe, calm, and beautiful, and yet offers city conveniences like easy access to shops. Moreover, the entirety of Washington Heights is full of interesting little nooks and crannies which remain largely undiscovered by the folks who think Manhattan ends at 96th street. On the other hand, when you want big-city life, midtown is only 15 minutes away on the express A train. Indeed, as you will see in these pictures, My neighborhood is a charming oasis of trees, parks, and Hudson river views located right on Manhattan island -- a place usually associated with restless activity and hustle, and not beauty and serenity.

Please enjoy this photo tour of my neighborhood, and check back now and then as I add more photos and sections.

My building View of 730 Fort
  Washington Avenue
My neighborhood GW Bridge
Art Deco buildings in Upper Washington Heights Art Deco Tour
Fort Tryon Park and The Cloisters Fort Tryon Park and Cloisters
A daytrip to interesting sites in Washington Heights. Sylvan Terrace and
  Jumel Mansion
A photographic trip downtown on the M4 bus. M4 bus tour downtown
A look at Art Deco apartment buildings on the Grand Concourse in the Bronx. Grand Concourse Streetscape
Clickable historical maps of New York and other cities. 1934 map of Upper Manhattan
Links to other cool web sites. Wheeling Suspension Bridge postcard.

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