A Saturday walk through Washington Heights, Manhattan.

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Washington Heights is the name of the neighborhood occupying northern Manhattan from roughly 155th street up to 200th street (Dyckman). South of "the Heights" lays Harlem, and to the north lies Inwood. Throughout this northern region, Manhattan island, which reaches almost 2 1/2 miles wide (from west to east) towards the southern tip, necks down to a width of approximately 1 mile. The terrain becomes quite hilly as one travels northward. By the time one reaches 190th street, Broadway -- which is the main street running through Washington Heights -- runs through a valley between the cliffsides of Fort Tryon Park and Fort George. However, at Dyckman, the terrain becomes level again before the hills begin again to the north and west, in Inwood.

One Saturday in early summer, 2000, I took the camera and some friends for a walk from 190th street down Broadway to the Jumel Mansion. Please join us for a quick walk as we explore the sights along this short stretch of Broadway.

We start by taking the elevator in the A train station at 190th street from Fort Washington Avenue down to Bennett. The granite building on the left is the train station entrance on Fort Washington Avenue. Someday the MTA will restore the building to its former beauty. Until then it will sit, forelorn and decaying, looking like an abandoned construction site.

The subway elevators are manned 24 hours/day by operators employed by the MTA. In order to brighten up their subterrainain workplace, some of the operators have decorated the interior of their elevator cabs with photographs. On 190th street there are two elevators: one holds photographs of neighborhood pets, the other is decorated with photographs of neighborhood people.

190th Street A train building. The decorated elevator.
The 190th Street A train building. The decorated interior
of the 190th street A train elevator.

At the bottom of the station we exit the subway onto Bennett Avenue. The subway entrance on Bennett is built directly into the rock, making it one of the more interesting station entrances in the New York City subway system.

Bennett Avenue runs along the base of the cliff, and is lined with interesting Art Deco apartment buildings, like the one on the right.

190th Street A train station lower level. Streetscape of Bennett Avenue.
The 190th Street A train lower entrance. A view of the buildings on Bennett Avenue.

We walked over to Broadway, where on the corner of 184th Street and Broadway is Caridad -- a local restaurant serving Dominican food to the local community. Today we stopped in and had lunch.

    Restaurant exterior. Interior of
    Caridad Restaurant.
Caridad Restaurant on the corner of 184th and Broadway. Lunch at Caridad Restaurant.

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