Boston highway plan from Regional Planning Document, 1965

This map is taken from the "Summary 1965/1975 General Plan for the City of Boston and the Regional Core" published by the Boston Redevelopment Authority in 1965. I happened to find a copy of this document at a used bookstore in New Hampshire; I naturally immediately bought the book. The document examines contemporary economic and development conditions around the Boston area, and made several recommendations for improvement. Amongst the recommendation was for construction of a new city hall -- and the book shows pencil drawings of the city hall which exists in Boston today. However, the chief recommendation was for the construction of an inner ring road and system of spoke roads to help speed automobile traffic around the "urban core". Let us be thankful that this aspect of the plan was never implemented.

The introduction to the document was a presentation of the recommendations to then Mayor Collins. It ran:

The Honorable John F. Collins, Mayor
City of Boston
City Hall
Boston, Massachusetts

Dear Mayor Collins:
We are pleased to transmit to you herewith the Redevelopment Authority's "1965/1975 General Plan for the City of Boston, March, 1965." The General Plan was initially unveiled before the public on November 23, 1964 at a general meeting of the Mayor's Citizens Advisory Committee on Community Development, and it was adopted by the Authority at its meeting of December 17, as an interim guide, pending adequate public review and appropriate revisions. Having completed broad distribution of the draft documents, several public exhibitions of the Plans, and numerous other discussions, the Authority has found a very favorable public reaction. Accordingly, at its meeting of March 11, 1965, the Authority adopted the revised text and maps as the official master plan of the City of Boston.

The General Plan is a statement of the policies and programs which are intended to guide the development of the City of Boston from now until 1975. This document sets forth these policies and programs; its text and maps constitute the Plan. Special emphasis in the plan is given to the Regional Core, this being the area of the City of primary significance to both the residents of the City and the broader interests of the metropolitan area.

This plan is not immutable. It is anticipated that it will be amended from time to time to meet changing circumstances.

It should also be emphasized that this plan is general. Its detailing is already in process and will continue, through adoption of urban renewal plans; of the developemnt fo programs of other agencies; of the results of more specific studies, such as the Capital Improvements Program; and as a result of the many significant contributions which private citizens and enterprises are making to the City's future.

The Plan has been prepared in conformity with the provisions of Chapter 652 of the Acts of 1960. That legislation, designating the Redevelopment Authority as Boston's planning board, incorporated a 1952 city ordinance which assigned to the City Planning Board a General Plan function.

The 1952 ordinance set the aims of the City's General Plan as the promotion of the coordinated improvement and development of the City, and the promotion of the health, safety, and welfare of its inhabitants. We belive that this General Plan amply fulfills both purposes, and we are pleased to commend it to your consideration at this time.



Monsignor Francis J. Lally
Boston Redevelopment Authority

The companion map shows a detailed view of the proposed highway alignment within the city limits of Boston itself.

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