Vintage City Maps

One hobby which I have picked up recently involves collecting vintage city maps. Some of the maps are in old atlases, and some of them are sheet maps. Of interest to me are the ways in which streets slowly change over time, usually in response to the pressures of development.

New York City Maps

  • 1860 "Valentine's Manuel" map of Upper Manhattan and the Bronx. (103K)
  • 1886 street map of Lower Manhattan (109K)
  • 1886 street map of Upper Manhattan (63K)
  • 1886 street map of Brooklyn (65K)
  • ca. 1902 Map of New York City, (Copyright date 1902, map is probably earlier). (118K)
  • 1903 street map of Manhattan Island showing the boundaries of the former Village of New Harlem. (55K)
  • 1934 map of lower Manhattan. (169K)
  • 1934 map of upper Manhattan. (165K)

    Boston Maps

  • 1934 map of downtown Boston (the "hub"). (141K)
  • 1965 Regional plan for Boston showing the proposed inner ring road (unbuilt) as well as the proposed southwestern expressway (also unbuilt). (59K)

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