Circuit simulation using SPICE on gEDA HOWTO

This version: 12.13.2004

What's here?

This page holds my HOWTO "Circuit simulation using SPICE on gEDA", which I am submitting to the Linux Documentation Project. The HOWTO is a work in progress; I am placing versions here so that LDP editors and others interested in the DocBook version of the HOWTO can look at and download the current version. If you are looking for the live, web based version of the HOWTO, please look here.

I have two different files available for download here:

  1. A simple .pdf copy of the HOWTO. This copy of the doc is for gEDA users interested in reading the latest copy of the HOWTO. The formatting of the doc is kinda rough right now, so it isn't the prettiest HOWTO you will ever see. I am learning to use the DocBook tools, and they are about as complicated as a high-end EDA toolset, and less well documented. Therefore, my ability to produce pretty .pdf is still limited. However, the HOWTO's content is clear. If you are are a gEDA user who wants to help out by reading the HOWTO and making suggestions or comments, I recommend you download this copy.
  2. A .tar.gz archive of my DocBook project directory, including the .lyx source and all the generated files. If you are working with the LDP and want to help me format this doc correctly, please download this file, and open it up. Current rough spots in the formatting are: If you are a lyx/sgml/tex/pdf expert, and you manage to fix one of these problems, please e-mail me your fix as a patch. Thanks!


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