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One of the most interesting -- and beloved -- apartment buildings on the Concourse is the "Fish Building" (1150 Grand Concourse), so called because of the aquarium mosaic flanking the entrance to the building. Interesting also is that the building wing corners are sharp on the left, but rounded on the right of each wing. The diagonally inset windows are also very unique. All these architectural details were included in the building so as to provide the building residents the very latest in fashionable design ideas. Clearly, if you lived in the Fish Building, you were living in grand style!

The Fish Building. Fish Building Entrance.
The "Fish Building" -- 1050 Grand Concourse . The beloved aquarium mosaic which
adorns the building entrance.

The lobby inside is also stunning. Complete with terrazio floors, wood-paneled walls, murals, mirrors, and brushed aluminum, the building lobby was designed to remind the building's residents of their material success. Today's residents may not be as wealthy, or living in contemporary glamor, but they do live in a masterpiece of the Art Deco style, one which is -- unfortunately -- forgotten by the wider world.

Mural in Fish Building. Elevator in Fish Building.
John admires the mural in the Fish
Building's lobby.
Jutta poses in front of the
Fish Building's brightly painted elevator doors.

I hope you enjoyed this set of Bronx Art Deco photos. Please check back again and again; I will add more photos to this site as time progresses.

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